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Cancer Conversations

Documentary-style videos to inspire & inform

Watch as our GP Lead, Dr Rebecca Leon, meets clinicians working on cutting-edge cancer initiatives and investigations from proton beam therapy to genetics, as well as people affected by treatments. This series shares real stories and looks into some of the most pressing topics in cancer care.

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This episode follows Dr Rebecca Leon as she investigates proton beam therapy at The Christie Hospital, home of the first high-energy NHS proton beam centre in the UK, to speak to people involved and find out more.

Update: Oscar (now 12) has experienced no side effects in over two years since the end of his treatment in 2019.  He is happy, well and doing incredibly well at secondary school (and wants to be a radiographer when he grows up thanks to his fantastic experience at a number of hospitals up and down the country!).

What’s covered in this conversation:

  • Which patients are eligible?
  • What are the common effects?
  • How did you feel when you realised proton beam therapy was an option for treatment?

Meet Rebecca

Dr. Rebecca Leon is a GP partner in East Cheshire with a special interest in primary care oncology, palliative care, and women’s health. She is GP lead educator at The Christie School of Oncology and GatewayC, and specialist doctor at Francis House Children’s Hospice.

“In this series, I investigate how front line primary care can support people affected by cancer, how to improve relationships between primary and secondary care, and most importantly, how to maintain a patient centred approach.”

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