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Raised CA125 – what is the next step for primary care?

Published: 26th July 2022

10th March 2022

If a patient is sent for an CA125 test and the results show a raised level of 35 IU/ml or greater, an urgent transabdominal/transvaginal ultrasound should be arranged within two weeks. Arranging a transvaginal ultrasound is the gold standard, but this is not always possible.

To learn more, access GatewayC’s ‘Ovarian Cancer – Early Diagnosis’ course. This course aims to support healthcare professionals to recognise symptoms, understand genetic risk factors and comprehend essential investigations.

Please note: although NICE NG12 guidance currently states that primary care should measure serum CA125, then arrange an ultrasound scan, in practice both investigations are often organised at the same time.

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