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5 tips to treat infection and lymphoedema

Published: 26th July 2022

9th July 2021

Lymphoedema may affect one or more limbs and corresponding quadrants of the trunk, face, breast and genitals. GatewayC’s ‘Managing Physical Effects’ course provides guidance on how to treat infection and lymphoedema.

This includes guidance on:

  • Dosage of oral amoxicillin
  • Dosage of flucloxacillin, if a Staph aureus infection is present
  • Alternative medication to penicillin
  • How to treat a poor response to oral amoxicillin
  • How long to continue antibiotics

GatewayC’s ‘Managing Physical Effects’ course reviews the common side effects of cancer treatments and aims to help in the identification and management of some specific long-term effects. It also provides information on how to support optimal bone and cardiovascular health after treatment.

This course also features an interview with Karen Livingstone, Clinical Specialist in Physiotherapy and Lymphoedema, who discussed the common symptoms and management of lymphoedema.

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