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Meet the specialists: lung cancer vs COVID-19 Q&A

Published: 30th October 2020

30th October 2020

Missed our free GatewayC webinar on Lung Cancer vs COVID-19? Watch our recording here.

In this webinar GatewayC met Dr Matthew Evison, Consultant Chest Physician and Director of the Lung Pathway Board, and Dr Seamus Grundy, Consultant Respiratory Physician, who answered key questions from our audience. These questions included:

Should I be sending high risk patients for a chest X-ray?
How do you decide when a post COVID-19 cough has become abnormal?
Do you have any advice to identify the never-smoker population who might be at risk of lung cancer?


Watch our free webinar to learn more.

In our upcoming ‘Meet the Specialists’ series we will be speaking to Dr Ben Noble, Dr Anthony Cunliffe and Professor Gordon Jayson.

Find out more:

  • Watch GatewayC’s full webinar library here
  • Access GatewayC’s Lung Cancer – End of Life course here
  • Access GatewayC’s ‘Lung Cancer – Early Diagnosis’ course here

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