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Introducing GPs Talk Cancer: A new podcast series by GatewayC

Published: 13th July 2023
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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new podcast – GPs Talk Cancer. The podcast will be hosted by Dr Rebecca Leon and Dr Sarah Taylor who are practicing GPs and GP Leads for GatewayC.

Why have we launched a podcast?

GatewayC is the go-to early cancer diagnosis resource for primary care professionals. We’re here to improve clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes, whether that’s through our 21 on-demand CPD accredited courses or bitesize Cancer Keys. The launch of GatewayC’s podcast aims to provide a new educational format to fit effortlessly into their busy schedules.

What can listeners expect from GPs Talk Cancer?

GPs Talk Cancer will explore cancer sites and symptoms, featuring expert guests and real patient cases. Dr Rebecca Leon and Dr Sarah Taylor will share their own experiences and reflections to improve overall practice and support earlier and faster cancer diagnosis.

The podcast will go beyond the surface-level of common signs and symptoms of cancer, exploring coding issues and safety netting, and more.

GPs Talk Cancer podcast tile. Featuring GatewayC GP Leads Dr Rebecca Leon and Dr Sarah Taylor on a navy background with a large speech bubble that reads 'GPs Talk Cancer'.

GatewayC Programme Lead, Alice Bowden, says:

I am absolutely delighted to confirm the launch of our new podcast series. We know how time poor our audience are. Our mission at GatewayC is to support earlier and faster cancer diagnosis through our early cancer diagnosis resource. This podcast series provides a platform for our GP Leads to share their expert knowledge, foster improved patient outcomes, and support continuous professional development”.

When can you tune into GPs Talk Cancer?

The podcast will be released fortnightly from July 18th, subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

Listen to the trailer now

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NEW: GPs Talk Cancer podcast. Listen to our first episode.