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GatewayC documentary explores complex frailty in older adults

Published: 8th February 2024
Touches the hands of an old woman - Concept of Elderly care.

GPs and those working in primary care can now watch a short, documentary-style video, exploring age as a health inequality and a new Senior Adult service introduced in Manchester.  

The documentary “Cancer Conversations: Cancer in an Ageing Population” has launched today ahead of anticipated winter pressures. Presented by Dr Rebecca Leon, one of GatewayC’s GP Leads, the video features geriatricians and oncologists sharing how to best support older people with cancer and multiple comorbidities to achieve better outcomes.  

A spotlight is shone on the Senior Adult Oncology Service at The Christie. An innovative service, the team aim to support cancer patients with a package of care to improve treatment options and results.  

Dr Fabio Gomes, Director of Senior Adult Oncology at The Christie, said: “There is a substantial and growing body of evidence relating the many health inequalities that affect adults later in life. Older adults with multimorbidity and frailty have less successful clinical outcomes. I am excited and proud that The Christie has launched the new Senior Adult Oncology service to aid shared decision-making and to better support older patients with complex needs during their cancer treatments. The aims of the service are covered in this Cancer Conversation, which is an essential watch for GPs and primary care professionals wishing to learn more.” 

Dr Cassandra Ng, Consultant Geriatrician with Interest in Oncogeriatrics, said “Frailty is known as a state of increased vulnerability to stressors, such as cancer and its treatment, which can lead to adverse health outcomes for older patients. I am delighted to be a part of this short, documentary-style video which addresses frailty in cancer, and its management.” 

Senior adults make up the majority of people accessing healthcare. One in two older adults in the UK live with at least two long term conditions, and cancer is projected to rise in this cohort of patients, making supporting patients with multiple comorbidities and cancer particularly important. 

Rebecca Leon, GatewayC GP Lead, said “Cancer is primarily a disease of older people. The likelihood of getting most types of cancer increases with age, and half of all cancers are diagnosed in people over 70. Furthermore, cancer treatment can be more challenging and complicated for older adults. This is because older adults are more likely to have chronic health conditions which can interfere with delayed diagnoses and treatment outcomes. This Cancer Conversation looks at how we in primary care can support them best.”

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