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Free cancer screening courses

Published: 15th November 2023
Female Patient Having Consultation With Doctor In Office

Breast, bowel and cervical screening courses released to support primary care clinicians in implementing national NHS screening programmes and reducing barriers faced by patients. 

National screening programmes help to detect cancer at an earlier stage, when it is most treatable. GatewayC has launched three, 1 hour CPD courses on breast, bowel and cervical screening. 

Cancer screening saves lives. It is important that clinicians are able to best support their patients in participating in the national screening programs and are aware of some of the common reasons patients do not attend screening. The modules talk through how to encourage patients to take part and overcome barriers such as embarrassment, mobility or language issues. 

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Rebecca Leon, GatewayC GP Lead, said: “Understanding screening and ensuring your patients access the screening programmes is the singularly significant thing a GP can do to ensure better, faster and earlier diagnoses in cancer care. The courses by GatewayC will provide an overview and encourage primary care to practice opportunistic medicine by educating their patients to attend screening when invited.”

Sarah Taylor, GatewayC GP Lead, said: “If we are to improve the percentage of cancers diagnosed at stage 1 or 2 , we need to optimise uptake of screening. The courses look at all 3 screening programmes and address issues faced by different groups in accessing them.”

Morgan Walsh, Education Manager, said: “Primary care has an important role in engaging with underrepresented groups in their locality, providing advice and dispelling myths. The courses support professionals in understanding why people may decline screening and how they can recognise and reduce inequalities in their own (area/practice).”

To access the courses, register for a free GatewayC account. 

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