Improving cancer outcomes through early diagnosis

GatewayC is a free online cancer education platform developed for primary care professionals across England, aiming to improve cancer outcomes by facilitating earlier diagnosis and improving patient experience. The platform is fully funded by Health Education England and assists users to confidently identify, refer and support patients with symptoms on a suspected cancer pathway.


Introducing GatewayC

I know of many cancer vanguard projects currently ongoing, but none more important than GatewayC. Why? Because, until such time that we have found a cure for cancer, let us make sure our GPs are armed with every tool necessary to detect signs of cancer early…

Saeed Shakibai, Patient

I have spoken to a number of my GP partners… and they all agree that this has been one of the most useful educational experiences they have had, and there is evidence that the learning has ALREADY begun to change practice.

Dr Hosie, GP Dicconson Group Practice

GatewayC is an excellent resource for patient-facing primary care staff to address the ‘early diagnosis of cancer’ agenda. It is widely available, freely accessible, and provides a variety of useful, relevant, NICE-adherent, and succinct courses for professionals. They have the added bonus for GPs of being RCGP accredited, as well as endorsed by respected charities.

Dr Gissing, Healthy Communities Project Manager West Yorkshire & Harrogate Cancer Alliance

The modules are skilfully crafted and contain many gems of wisdom which the participants can elicit at their own pace, in their own time, for free. GatewayC is highly recommended for primary care practitioners who are committed to improving care to the highest standard for their patients with cancer.

Dr Kwan, South East London Cancer Alliance GP Clinical Lead