What tests should I do to diagnose myeloma?

8th October 2021

Missed our GatewayC Live webinar? Watch our specialists answer to this audience question and many more.

This week GatewayC met Dr Neil Rabin, Consultant Haematologist, and Dr Margaret Harris, Consultant Clinical Oncologist. Our specialists covered the ‘Early Diagnosis of Blood Cancers’ and focused specifically on myeloma and lymphoma.

Our speakers answered key questions from our audience which included:

  • Can GPs be reassured by normal serum protein electrophoresis (SPEP) and serum free light chains (SLFC)? Or do we still need to complete a Bence-Jones protein test?
  • What is the role of ultrasound in analysing nodes?
  • How can primary care professionals investigate night sweats?
  • Should GPs myeloma screen any patient with anaemia?
  • Should GPs wait for blood results before referral?
  • Do platelets become raised in myeloma and lymphoma?
  • How long should GPs wait before referring a young patient with lymph nodes?
  • When should GPs complete inflammatory markers?
  • Do the paraproteins ever resolve in MGUS?
  • How can you differentiate between menopausal sweats and night sweats?

Find out more:

  • Access GatewayC’s full webinar library here
  • Access GatewayC’s ‘Myeloma – Early Diagnosis’ course here
  • Watch this recorded webinar here

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