What is the risk of prostate cancer if a patient has a normal PSA but an abnormal DRE?

29th October 2021

Missed our GatewayC Live webinar? Watch our specialists answer to this audience question and many more.

This week, GatewayC met Mr Sotonye Tolofari, Consultant Urological Surgeon, and Mr Alex Hoyle, Consultant Urologist. Our specialists covered ‘Urological Cancers’ and focused on prostate, bladder and kidney cancers.

Our speakers answered key questions from our audience which included:

  • Is obesity associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer?
  • What will reduce the risk of bladder and kidney cancer?
  • Should I complete an annual DRE, in addition to PSA monitoring for a borderline PSA?
  • What is the risk of prostate cancer if a patient has a normal PSA but an abnormal DRE?
  • What would count as non-visible haematuria?
  • Where can primary care professionals find guidance on non-visible haematuria?
  • What counts as a recurrent UTI?
  • What are the risk factors and red flags for both testicular and penile cancers?

Find out more:

  • Access GatewayC’s full webinar library here
  • Watch this recorded webinar here
  • Explore The British Association of Urological Surgeons here

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