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NHS funded FIT education now available for primary care

Published: 17th May 2024
Bowel cancer FIT test

The Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) is an important screening tool in the early detection of bowel cancer, and assists primary care clinicians in determining when further investigations are necessary.

We are pleased to announce our free FIT resources for England primary care teams are available to access now. 

Funded by NHS England, this includes a collection of new resources to assist primary care clinicians and administrators with FIT.

Dr Sarah Taylor, GatewayC GP Lead and Associate Medical Director for Early Diagnosis and Primary Care at The Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance, said: “The earlier colorectal cancer is diagnosed, the more treatable it is likely to be. FIT offers clinicians a simple test to investigate symptoms which could suggest colorectal cancer. Enabling cases of colorectal cancer to be detected at the earliest opportunity will help the NHS to save further lives from a serious condition that kills more than 14,000 patients every year in England.”

The resource includes an innovative package of visual-based learning for time restricted clinicians encompassing infographics, short videos and webinars. 

Access our free FIT resources for your primary care team 


FIT England resources graphic
FIT England resources graphic



Endorsed by Cancer Research UK, two innovative infographics designed for clinicians and patients, respectively. They include everything the primary care team needs to know about FIT at a glance including how to support patients with their test, safety netting, and the latest referral guidelines. 

Short videos 

Specialists Dr Roger Prudham, Consultant Gastroenterologist, and Dr Sarah Taylor, GatewayC GP Lead, feature in two short videos. In under 3 minutes, this information is designed to provide essential FIT guidance for primary care teams. 


GatewayC facilitated two webinars for primary care clinicians and administrators, which are now available to watch on-demand. Specialists answered questions directly from primary care colleagues, sharing key insights to improve uptake. 

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