Meet the specialists: diagnosing ovarian cancer Q&A

15th January 2021

Missed our free GatewayC webinar on Diagnosing Ovarian Cancer? Watch our recording here.

In this webinar, GatewayC met Professor Gordon Jayson, Professor of Medical Oncology at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, who answered key questions from our audience. These questions included:

  • What might commonly cause the CA125 to be raised?
  • Would you feel reassured by a normal pelvic ultrasound?
  • How reassured would you be by a transvaginal ultrasound?
  • What other red flags should primary care professionals look out for?
  • Is there a link between PCOS and ovarian cancer?

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Find out more: 

  • Access GatewayC’s ‘Ovarian Cancer – Early Diagnosis’ here
  • Find GatewayC’s full webinar library here

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