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Post-course evaluation

Please complete the questionnaire using the link below to assess your confidence levels now that you have completed the course. This must be done in order to complete the course in full and to access your CPD certificate.

The questionnaire also allows you to provide feedback on how we can improve the course.

Print your CPD certificate

Once you have completed all the sections above you will be awarded your certificate.

You need to ensure that all resources have been viewed and activities successfully completed to be able to access and print your CPD certificate. The tick boxes on the right hand side of all required areas indicate when a task has been completed.

Myeloma Course Flyer PDF

Additional CPD – Learning Events

You may find it useful to apply your learning to a recent event in your practice. Learning Events can be used for any incidents, either positive or negative, that have triggered learning for yourself or for the practice as a whole. They can be used
to drive learning and improvements in care without the negative connotations of Significant Event Analysis.

Dr Rosie Loftus and Dr Anthony Cunliffe from Macmillan discuss the importance of reflection in practice and the role that Learning Events play in this.

The resources below will help you structure and record a learning event which you can then record on your appraisal for additional CPD.

This infosheet looks at the cancer SEA process, the questions it should answer, its components, and implementation in a practice setting:

This cancer SEA toolkit and its resources have been developed to support GPs, practice staff and commissioners in conducting high quality cancer SEAs with the aim of improving patient outcomes in the early diagnosis of cancer. Cancer SEAs prompt a GP
to reflect on their diagnosis, and identify any potential improvements in practice systems using documentation or proactive safety netting:

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