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Aims of module

This course aims to increase healthcare professionalsu2019 awareness of patients who should be considered for myeloma and support them to undertake the appropriate investigations and understand how to interpret the results.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this course you will:n
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  • Appraise which patients are more likely to have myeloma
  • n t
  • Identify the different ways in which myeloma can present
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  • Explore what investigations are appropriate
  • n t
  • Interpret investigation findings
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The key elements of the course are:

  • Facts & Figures
  • Initial Presentation
  • Progression of symptoms
  • Primary care investigations
  • Interpreting results
  • Discussing results and referral
  • MGUS and other conditions
  • NICE NG12 Guidelines
  • Link to GatewayC Live webinar
  • Summary

There will be access to additional resources throughout the course. These resources are optional should you want to deepen your knowledge of a particular aspect of the course. However, the time taken to access the resources is not included in the 1 hour time frame given to complete the course.


This course was developed by the GatewayC Development Team, with digital and design support being provided by The Christie’s Digital Learning Team.

The following individuals were involved in the development of this course:

Dr Neil Rabin
Dr Neil Rabin

Dr Neil Rabin is a Consultant Haematologist working at North Middlesex Hospital and University College London Hospitals. He is also the Chair Elect of the UK Myeloma Forum. Dr Rabin has special interests in clinical trials evaluating new treatments for myeloma at diagnosis and at relapse.

This course is supported by Cancer Research and Myeloma UK.
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Date of publication: December 2018

Date of last review: June 2021

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