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About GatewayC

What is GatewayC?
GatewayC is an online cancer education platform for primary care professionals, which aims to improve patient outcomes and experiences. Each course is centred around short videos based on true patient consultations. Filmed consultations are supported by a range of high quality activities, designed to consolidate the learning.

For more information about GatewayC, visit our About page.

Registration and Login

What do you do with my registration information?
To register with GatewayC, we ask for your name, email address and your job role.  We also ask for information about the General Practice you are connected with.  As part of your profile on GatewayC you may also provide your location and other information that will help other participants get to know you and help us to tailor the service to suit you.

We are currently also asking for details such as age, gender, month of appraisal and how long you have been a GP. This information will assist us in our evaluation; enabling us to improve our services and tailor to our users.

To find out more about how we store your data, you can read our updated privacy policy.

Why aren’t my log-in details working?
If you have registered and received your log-in details through an email, please make sure that you do not copy and paste your username and password. Hand-typing these will ensure you can log in correctly. If you are still struggling, please do not hesitate to email us.

I’ve just registered to become a user – what now? / I haven’t received my log in details
After completing the online registration form, you should receive your log in details via email immediately. If you have not received your login details, please check your junk folder, or contact if they still have not arrived. 

I already have an account but can’t remember the details / I’ve forgotten my password
Simply click the ‘forgotten username or password’ link on the registration page which will allow you to retrieve your details. Then complete your known details and click ‘search’.

Alternatively, you can email us at and a member of our team will reset your login details for you.


How do the courses work?
A variety of courses are available on different types of cancer. You can choose which modules are most relevant to you and complete them in your own time. The courses include interactive consultations, quizzes and other activities for you to complete, along with relevant facts and figures and links to leading publications. CPD is available on each course. On some courses, there is also an additional (optional) hour of CPD available if you complete a Significant Event Analysis (SEA).

Why are there only a few courses available to me?
GatewayC continues to develop new courses, with approximately one new course available per month. These will be added to your account as they are updated. Please check back for new courses.

Can I request a new course?
A range of new courses are already in development, to be released throughout 2019 and 2020. If you would like to discuss a request for a new course, please contact the GatewayC team at

I don’t have time to complete the course now, can I finish it later?
Yes. GatewayC courses are designed to allow for bite-size learning at a time that is suitable for you. If you exit a course, you can choose to restart from the same place within the module the next time you log in. Your progress in each module will be automatically saved.

Where are your statistics from?
We use many reliable sources for our data, including Cancer Research UK. Other sources include: National Cancer Patient Survey, NHS England and the Health Education England blog. Sources will be cited where appropriate.

Why doesn’t the course refer to my local / regional pathways?
GatewayC focuses on symptom recognition and clinical decision making – to feel confident about when and when not to make a suspected cancer referral. GatewayC does not focus on specific referral pathways. For specific information on referral pathways, please refer to local guidance.


How do I receive my CPD certificate?
Upon completion of your selected course, you will be able to access your CPD certificate. A button will be displayed at the end of each course which will load the certificate for you to print. Please ensure all activities on the module are marked as ‘complete’ before trying to print your certificate. CPD is available on every GatewayC course.

Technical Help

Forgotten username / password
Simply click the ‘forgotten username or password’ link on the registration page which will allow you to retrieve your details. Then complete your known details and click ‘search’.

Alternatively, you can email us at and a member of our team will reset your login details for you.

Supported internet browsers
Using GatewayC’s recommended browser and keeping it up to date will help pages and videos on GatewayC to load and display correctly.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser when using GatewayC.

We recognise that while some users may choose to use another browser, we cannot guarantee a problem-free GatewayC experience nor can we offer user support to those using a different browser.

When I zoom in on the website, the tabs at the top disappear
When zoomed in past 175%, the tabs will turn into a drop down menu. This should not cause any issues with the performance of the website. For any problems, please email and a member of the technical team will be happy to assist you.


For other questions, please get in touch with the GatewayC team directly. Our contact details are below.

Contact us:

Please contact the GatewayC team for any support or with your questions/comments. We are available to respond to queries Monday – Friday, 08:00-17:00.

Phone: 0161 446 3403

Useful links:

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