#hellomynameis – Dr. Ben Noble, GatewayC Cancer Maps

With communication at the heart of GatewayC and fundamental to improving patient care, this blog series focuses on introductions and reflections from the team behind the programme.

In this post, we’re introducing Dr. Ben Noble, creator of GatewayC Cancer Maps. 

Could you tell us about your role?

I am a 7 session a week GP at the Woodbrook Medical Centre in Loughborough, Cancer Research UK GP Lead for the East Midlands and CCG Lead for Cancer for West Leicestershire. I am also the creator of the GatewayC Cancer Maps.

Why did you decide to create the Cancer Maps?

I always mind map large bodies of work to summarise them and make them clear in my own mind. When I mapped the NICE NG12 guidelines, I realised that they lended themselves well to mind mapping and realised how universal they could be. I then had the idea to put them online to become more accessible to other people.

What is the best feature of Cancer Maps?

The search function acts as a clinical decision tool for GPs which is important because it allows you to immediately access NICE guidance during a consultation. Because of this, it can help to inform your next question, your next examination and any further investigations you may wish to do.

Finally, could you tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I played eight sports for my county (Nottingham)! (Cricket, football, athletics (400m), swimming, squash, table tennis, rugby and badminton).

For more information about GatewayC Cancer Maps, click here or follow the GatewayC team on social media:

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For more information about the #hellomynameis campaign, visit their website here.

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