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With communication at the heart of GatewayC and fundamental to improving patient care, this blog series focuses on introductions and reflections from the team behind the programme.

In this post, we’re introducing Chelsea Sawyer, Research Associate for the GatewayC programme.

Could you tell us about your role?

I work for the Christie Patient Centred Research (CPCR) team and I am evaluating the impact of the Gateway-C e-learning early diagnosis courses on GP decision making processes of behaviour and the role of CRUK facilitators in supporting uptake.

What made you decide to join the GatewayC team?

I recently joined the CPCR team where there are various projects going on, but GatewayC jumped out at me as earlier detection is an important area to me.

What makes GatewayC unique?

The interactive consultations are a great feature. For example, in the Lung Cancer – Early Diagnosis course users can select different scenarios which provide alternate outcomes for our patient, Fred.

Finally, could you tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I spent a month sleeping and living in a forest in Bukit Lawang tracking orangutans.

For more information about GatewayC, visit the website at www.gatewayc.org.uk or follow the team on social media:

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For more information about the #hellomynameis campaign, visit their website here.