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Upper GI Cancers

1 in 2 people will develop a form of cancer during their lifetime.

Commissioned by the Greater Manchester Cancer Early Diagnosis Team, these resources are designed for GPs and other primary care professionals working in the region. Access a range of educational content featuring your local cancer pathway clinical leads to boost your cancer knowledge, improve suspected cancer referrals, and hear the latest cancer updates.

Available resources

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Short video

Study Day


Oesophageal Cancer

This course aims to assist primary care staff in effectively assessing and managing patients with symptoms potentially indicative of oesophageal cancer and differentiate between referral pathways. You will be presented with an interactive video consultation following a patient, Frank Street, as he is diagnosed with oesophageal cancer, alongside specialist discussion and a range of activities to reinforce key learning points.

Course Summary



1 hr

Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance

Diagnosing cancer earlier is one of the biggest actions the NHS can take to improve survival rates.

Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance funded GatewayC to create a series of resources for primary care professionals including infographics, short videos, webinars, and study days – all designed to support earlier and faster cancer diagnosis across the region.

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