“My cancer was missed… I’m passionate it doesn’t happen again.”

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GatewayC aims to support primary care in the early diagnosis of cancer, to support patient outcomes and experiences. 

According to the National Cancer Diagnosis Audit, around one quarter of patients have three or more visits to primary care before a referral is made. For more than one in five patients, GPs in the audit considered there to have been an avoidable delay in the patient receiving their cancer diagnosis.*

“My cancer was missed…”

Saeed was misdiagnosed several times by a number of healthcare professionals over the course of 12 months. He was diagnosed with stage 2 colorectal cancer in 2009.

Patient involvement

Following successful treatment, Saeed has used his experience, along with other patient representatives, to contribute to the development of each course on GatewayC. Following the launch of GatewayC’s Colorectal Cancer – Early Diagnosis course, Saeed said:

“When I was involved in the [GatewayC] colorectal course, I could quite clearly see that if this course was available for the doctors at the time that my cancer was diagnosed, it would not have been missed.”

We’re grateful to Saeed and our fantastic user representatives, who continue to share their experiences and contribute to relevant education on GatewayC.

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* Results from the audit cited these as patient (26%), clinician (28%) or system (34%) factors.