The Cancer Maps

Introducing GatewayC Cancer Maps

The Cancer Maps is an interactive reference tool for GPs based on the NICE NG12 cancer guidelines. Primarily, the tool is designed to enable GPs to take symptoms that patients present with during a consultation and map them on possible suspected cancer pathways.

The RCGP award-winning Cancer Maps have been developed by Dr Ben Noble with support from Cancer Research UKThe East Midlands Cancer Alliance and West Leicestershire CCG. The Cancer Maps tool has also received endorsement by NICE.

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Dr Noble created the mapping by using iMindMap software, with the help of his father, who created the search and web-enabling function. Following a successful pilot evaluation in 2017, The Cancer Maps tool continues to support GPs to swiftly recognise and refer suspected cancer patients.

Tutorials are embedded within GatewayC’s Improving the Quality of Your Referral course and explain how The Cancer Maps can be used.

There are 4 main ways to use The Cancer Maps :

      • As a quick reference to NICE guidance
      • As a decision support tool
      • As an educational tool
      • With patients to reassure or safety net

The main central branches represent the organs or systems; these are followed by NICE NG12 guidelines (cancer referral, investigation etc). As the branches become more peripheral, the red flag symptoms are listed.

It is possible to search for specific symptoms and where they appear in the guidance. These are listed at the right hand side of the screen and, when highlighted, flash red on the map(s) where they appear. It is also possible to filter certain symptoms by adding the patient’s age and gender as part of a search.

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