Cancer Keys: Brain Tumours and Headaches

Whilst many people may associate brain tumours with headaches, often affected patients do not present with a headache until a later stage, if at all.

Potential pitfall:

Only up to 16% of brain tumour patients present to their GP with an isolated headache*; some diagnosed patients will never develop a headache. It is important to be vigilant for other progressive neurological symptoms including visual field loss, personality changes or new-onset seizures.

Helpful hint:

NICE NG12 guidelines advise an urgent direct access MRI (or CT) scan within two weeks for adults with progressive, sub-acute loss of central neurological function (or a suspected cancer referral if MRI/CT unavailable), or a very urgent referral (within 48 hours) for children and young people with newly abnormal cerebellar or other central neurological function.

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*Pract, J. (2008) Imaging patients with suspected brain tumour: guidance for primary care 

Estimates of the proportion of patients with tumour who present with isolated headache range between 2% and 16%

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