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Cancer Keys: Brain tumours and headaches

Cancer Keys: Brain tumours and headaches

Whilst many people may associate brain tumours with headaches, often affected patients do not present with a headache until a later stage, if at all. Potential pitfall Only up to 16% of brain tumour patients present to their GP with an isolated headache*; some...

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Friday 13th November 2020

Missed our free GatewayC webinar on Effective Telephone Consultations? Watch our recording here.

In this webinar, GatewayC met Alison Franklin, a Senior Trainer at the Maguire Communication Skills Training Unit based at The Christie, who answered key questions from our audience. These questions included:

How can I end a telephone consultation with a patient who talks excessively?
How can I manage a patient who may have difficulties speaking?
What are the risks and benefits of telephone consultations?


In our upcoming ‘Meet the Specialists’ series, we will be speaking to Dr Ben Noble, Dr Anthony Cunliffe and Professor Gordon Jayson.

Find out more:

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