Resource: updated advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) for people with cancer

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Thursday 16th April 2020

If you are a clinician working in primary care, a person living with cancer or have a family member or friend who is living with cancer; you may wish to read this updated information about coronavirus (COVID-19). We have included both general information and charity-specific advice for patients below, that you might find helpful.

One Cancer Voice charities, in partnership with NHS England, have published updated advice on coronavirus for people with cancer.

Updated FAQs discuss:

  • Guidance for people living with cancer now
  • Guidance for people who have had cancer in the past
  • Advice for family, friends and carers of people living with cancer
  • Guidance for the future
  • Advice for people worried they have cancer
  • Detailed questions about the categorisation of extremely vulnerable people

Read the latest NHS and government advice:

Click here for the latest NHS advice

Click here for the latest government advice

 Charity-specific advice for patients on coronavirus:

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