About us

GatewayC is an online cancer education platform for primary care developed for GPs, practice nurses, GPs in training, health care assistants, physician associates and other primary care professionals across England.

Based at The Christie Hospital in Manchester, the GatewayC Steering Group includes a GP lead, patient representatives and representatives from Cancer Research UK, Macmillan and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

Our team is responsible for the daily running of GatewayC comprises expertise in programme management, technical and education development, marketing and engagement.


GatewayC was developed and funded as a project of the Greater Manchester Cancer Vanguard Programme, relying on support from a network of cancer education partners in Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire. The vanguard innovation programme in Greater Manchester was overseen by the Greater Manchester Cancer Board, reporting to the devolved Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and in turn to NHS England New Care Models team.

In 2017, GatewayC was piloted with primary care users in Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire. Courses were also piloted with UCLH Cancer Collaborative, a London Cancer Vanguard partner. Following a successful pilot, the GatewayC programme has now expanded, with 16 cancer courses available and more courses currently under development.


The pilot proved GatewayC’s relevance, usefulness and applicability to GPs, GP trainees and practice nurses. Objective evidence showed changes in confidence and ability to apply NICE guidance. GatewayC continues to be evaluated, to ensure it remains clinically relevant.